lunedì 22 febbraio 2016

Catpiss bitter

Romeo,  Backdoor Brewery mascot, passed away two weeks ago. He was a nice, red cat, and he really liked american and pacific hops. He spent half an hour purring around a big parcel of Vic Secret, just a week before we found a terrible limphoma attacked him.

I want to remember him with this recipe, a 4% abv bitter enerously hopped with Simcoe, to create a typical catpiss aroma. Obviously I added his beloved Vic Secret, hoping it will smoothen the simcoe and I'll ferment it with Kolsch yeast: it has to be piss, in the end.

Catpiss recipe, 20,0l (preboil 22,0)
efficiency  77%, 60 min. boilin
OG 1,038; IBU: 32,5; EBC: 11;
  1700 gr Pale, 1,036;
  1360 gr Pilsen (2 Row), 1,039;
  140 gr CaraWien, 1,035;
  5 gr Simcoe, 11,4 %a.a., 60 min;
  15 gr Vic Secret, 14,5 %a.a., 20 min;
  20 gr Vic Secret, 14,5 %a.a., 5 min;
  40 gr Simcoe, 11,4 %a.a., 0 min;
  20 gr Vic Secret, 14,5 %a.a., 0 min;

Spring is coming, and a session beer is ok, even if too extreme. Well, we will see if it's drinkable...

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