lunedì 10 novembre 2014


For years, I labeled my bottles putting some adhesive roll paper, writing the name and bottling date of the beer with a pen.
It was an easy and lazy solution, but one day I decoded I needed to have better looking bottles. So after many sketch, the Backdoor brewery logo was born. it's a hop flower with a banner, where I put the name/style of the beer. I used to print those labels on normal paper and then write all details of the beer. Attaching/detaching the labels on the bottle is really quick, using a brush and some milk.

Then I decided to print directly all data, to save more time.


Here are some variations: a special light and zesty beer created to be drinked during FIFA world cup matches, a Black IPA and a Norther brown ale, cloned from a famous beer...

P.S.: many thanks to my wife for the original sketch of the logo.

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