venerdì 13 novembre 2015


Last bottled batch was a Dry Stout, very easy with Pale malt and 10% of black malts, Chocolate and Roasted barley. I hate astringency in datk beers, so I've been really careful: I made a diluted mash (over 3l per kg of grain) to avoid excessive acidification, then I corrected ph of sparging water below 6 to avoid tannin extraction that happens at higher ph. Sparging temperature was under 75 C to avoid further risk of tannin extraction.
At the bottling I decided to split the batch and make a couple of liters of spicy beer: I infused 20 grams of chili peppers in 20cl vodka, let them rest for a week, then I added the filtered infusion at the end of the bottling. While making those blendings, I test the quantities before, putting some drops of adding (measured with a syringe) in a glass with 10 cl of beer from the keg: here I found that 0,1ml was enough to add strong spicyness to the beer. So my 20 ml extract was enough to blend 2 liters of stout. At the end of the bottling, then, when there were two liters left in the keg, I threw the pepper extract, stirred gently and went on bottling.
Errors are always waiting for you: I had no labels ready, so I labeled the beer the following day, and I wasn't able to tell wich bottles were the spicy ones. I put those all togheter without any mark.

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