giovedì 13 agosto 2015

Spent grain snack bars

Homebrewing is a really unefficient process. I get 5 kilograms of grains every batch, and living in the city, the only way to get rid of them is to recycle in the organic bin. No chicken, no pigs to feed with it. I saved some grain from the last homebrew and made some kind of snack bars.

300g spent grains
40g sugar
60ml water
15g butter

Dry the grains in oven, 100°C for a couple of hours (you can do that the evening before, or after sparging).
Make a sugar syrup: add sugar and water and bring to boil, keep it boiling for 5-10 minutes, until it's enough dense.
Then add the butter and let it melt, mixing everything.
Add the dryed grains, mix with a spoon, and put the mix on a baking tray, heat the oven at 100°C for 30 minutes, then let everything cool down for some hours

Now you can cut or break it in small bars.
The recipe is quite easy, you cannot use the whole grain but is a cool and tasty snack, the perfect food to calm down the hunger after drinking too many beers...

mercoledì 5 agosto 2015


Czech Republic is the homeland of Pilsner Urquell, the land of Saaz hop and where the lager beer born. Since then, there was no great improvement in beer: you can find good (and bad) pilsner at a good price (2-3€ per liter), a dark beer (kind of a schwartzbeer) and nothing more: one of the most innovative beers here is the Staropramen unfiltered lager. I still can't understand why you ferment at low temperature to have a clean taste, and then leave a lot of yeast to make the beer hazy and add yeast flavours and off-flavours.
I visited this pub: with 30 taps, almost all lagers from Czech Republic, I tasted a Cerna Hora Qvasar that was badly stocked and was stinking, and a 'moravian ale' with Saaz hops higly fermented: well, it's a waste to charge such noble hop with ale esters.
Here is a good brewery, close to Petrinske Sadi park They have good lager (obviously), but also Weizend and a IPA: classic and simple with Amarillo and Cascade, the kind of american IPA I really like.
To have a good and cheap dinner check here the Pilsner Urquell restaurants. But the best Urquell I tasted was the tank one at the bar on top of the Riegrovy Sady park, fresher and with more intense hop flavours.
If you walk around Loretanska street, there is a small bistro with no name; hey just talk in czeck but have menu in different languages, so it's perfect for a cheap lunch and a good beer.

Sabro lager

Sabro lager (Czech Pale Lager) 3.9% 60% efficiency - Batch Volume: 20 L - Boil Time: 30 min OG: 1.038 - IBU (Tinseth): 31 Malts (4.034 kg) 2...