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Priming with sweet liquors

Why should you use just sugar to carbonate homemade beer?

In order to add new flavours to beer, I tried to prime a fruit ale with a sugar liquor (Cointreau).
First I measured the density of the liquor, and checked the amount of sugar (there’s a bar on densimeter): Cointreau has 105 grams of sugar per liter. As alcohol (40% in volume in the liquor) has lower density than water, I added a 10% of the amout of sugar, to estimate 115 effective grams of sugar per liter.
Then, to carbonate 5 liters of beer I needed 11 grams of sugar, so I added 100ml of liquor. It's easy, you don't need to sterilize priming, as alcohol kills every unwanted microrganism: just measure, add and bottle.
After a month, the priming was perfect, and Cointreau added some nice flavous to the beer (a light lager, in wich I also added mandarines to the worth after primary fermentation)

It was a nice experiment, and there are many more liquors that can be used to prime beer. I actually have a Brown ale primed with Amaretto (200 grams of sugar per liter, very sweet!!). More uptades in one month, just the time to let this Amaretto brown ale to be ready!

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